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Stop hunger with $1 a day!

It's easy! Launch a fundraising page to feed 25 children for 30 days in rural Haiti this summer.

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Did you know that 6 out of every 8 children in Haiti go hungry each day?

Thanks to you, HavServe is able to feed summer campers two nutritious meals a day for each of the 30 days of its Annual Summer camp in rural Haiti. Each child can be fed for just $1.00 per day! Will you join our Zero Hunger 2016 Summer Campaign to raise funds to feed 25 summer campers in July 2016? Your support and belief in the work we do in rural Haiti is critical to our success.

Here is the difference you will make by joining the HavServe Zero Hunger 2016 Summer Campaign:

  1. A guaranteed meal can be life-changing for a child.
  2. A meal gives a child who may not have enough food at home, a good reason to attend our enriching summer camp, particularly girls, who often receive no education and are at risk for becoming pregnant in their teens.
  3. Campers who travel by foot for as much as two hours to attend the HavServe enriching summer camp arrive eager to learn but hungry and thirsty.
  4. By launching a fundraising page to feed our campers for 30 days you will ensure that they are fed two (2) nutritious meals each day.
  5. Your friends (donors) will start out each day with a good deed knowing that a hungry child will eat that day because they contributed $1.00 per day for 30 days.

Get Started. Create a personal fundraiser page today. You'll see that the process is easy and fun!

Thank you for caring.

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